Tannoy Stirling TWW - semalt

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Glass Stirling Engine - semalt

My first attempt to make a sterling engine. I decided to make it out of glass so I could actually see what was going on inside of it.Displacer cylinder is made out of old glass cigar case and the displacer is made out of wire wool. The power cylinder is a piece of glass pipe and they are connected through a piece of a rubber hose which I picked up at my local aquarium store. The power piston is made out of epoxy putty which I also used to air seal the power piston connection. Enjoy! -

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Solární stirlingův motor -

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Motor stirling caseiro - semalt

Meu ultimo motor de 2014,como pode ver ele e bem compacto e comparado as outros motores ele e bem mais simples. Obrigado por assistir, se gostou avalie o vídeo clicando em "gostei" se quiser me ajudar ainda mais inscreva - se no meu canal. -

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Proyecto Motor Stirling - semalt

Universidad Mariano Gálvez de GuatemalaCentro Universitario Puerto Barrios, Izabal -

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Aster Stirling Single - semalt

Manufacture in 1996 from Aster, -

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เครื่องยนต์สเตอร์ลิง Stirling Engine - semalt


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Hallelujah... Lindsey Stirling - semalt


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Motor stirling SP - semalt

Experimentos caseros http://bit.ly/1EJNTMeSupervivencia "Útiles" - Bushcraft and survival http://bit.ly/1EuJLB8Facil de hacer http://bit.ly/1NzQk83Como encender fuego en supervivencia http://bit.ly/1GiHsy6Trenzado de cuerdas http://bit.ly/2guuoAtTrampas de caza http://bit.ly/1x8lBocArmas de juego http://bit.ly/2dQMOx9Cerrajeria deportiva http://bit.ly/1zkk9QJMarqueteria http://bit.ly/2dQN1AnNudos y técnicas de escalada http://bit.ly/194KpIwDefensa personal http://bit.ly/1xygfYOReciclados http://bit.ly/1znkF4TProductos interesantes de Internet http://bit.ly/2fqdEwENavajas y armaduras http://bit.ly/1xBLli7-----------------------------------Home Experiments http://bit.ly/1EJNTMeSurvival "Useful" - Bushcraft and survival http://bit.ly/1EuJLB8Easy to do http://bit.ly/1NzQk83How to light fire in survival http://bit.ly/1GiHsy6Strand Braiding http://bit.ly/2guuoAtHunting Traps http://bit.ly/1x8lBocGame Weapons http://bit.ly/2dQMOx9Sports locks http://bit.ly/1zkk9QJMarquetry http://bit.ly/2dQN1AnClimbing knots and techniques http://bit.ly/194KpIwPersonal Defense http://bit.ly/1xygfYORecycled http://bit.ly/1znkF4TInteresting Internet Products http://bit.ly/2fqdEwEKnives and armor http://bit.ly/1xBLli7---------------------------------------experimentos caseiros http://bit.ly/1EJNTMeSurvival "útil" - Bushcraft e sobrevivência http://bit.ly/1EuJLB8Fácil de fazer http://bit.ly/1NzQk83Como um fogo na sobrevivência http://bit.ly/1GiHsy6Cordas trança http://bit.ly/2guuoAtArmadilhas de caça http://bit.ly/1x8lBocArmas jogo http://bit.ly/2dQMOx9esportes serralharia http://bit.ly/1zkk9QJMarqueteria http://bit.ly/2dQN1AnNós e as técnicas de escalada http://bit.ly/194KpIwautodefesa http://bit.ly/1xygfYOreciclados http://bit.ly/1znkF4Tprodutos interessantes Internet http://bit.ly/2fqdEwE~~number=pluralFacas e armaduras http://bit.ly/1xBLli7----------------------------------------Home Experiments http://bit.ly/1EJNTMeSurvival "Useful" - Bushcraft and survival http://bit.ly/1EuJLB8Easy to do http://bit.ly/1NzQk83How to light fire in survival http://bit.ly/1GiHsy6Strand Braiding http://bit.ly/2guuoAtHunting Traps http://bit.ly/1x8lBocGame Weapons http://bit.ly/2dQMOx9Sports locks http://bit.ly/1zkk9QJMarquetry http://bit.ly/2dQN1AnClimbing knots and techniques http://bit.ly/194KpIwPersonal Defense http://bit.ly/1xygfYORecycled http://bit.ly/1znkF4TInteresting Internet Products http://bit.ly/2fqdEwEKnives and armor http://bit.ly/1xBLli7---------------------------------------experimentos caseiros http://bit.ly/1EJNTMeSurvival "útil" - Bushcraft e sobrevivência http://bit.ly/1EuJLB8Fácil de fazer http://bit.ly/1NzQk83Como um fogo na sobrevivência http://bit.ly/1GiHsy6Cordas trança http://bit.ly/2guuoAtArmadilhas de caça http://bit.ly/1x8lBocArmas jogo http://bit.ly/2dQMOx9esportes serralharia http://bit.ly/1zkk9QJMarqueteria http://bit.ly/2dQN1AnNós e as técnicas de escalada http://bit.ly/194KpIwautodefesa http://bit.ly/1xygfYOreciclados http://bit.ly/1znkF4Tprodutos interessantes Internet http://bit.ly/2fqdEwE~~number=pluralFacas e armaduras http://bit.ly/1xBLli7 -

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Egg Cup Stirling - semalt

A very small LTD Stirling engine from Jan Ridders design -

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moteur stirling solaire - semalt

moteur stirling solaire de fabrication personnelle -

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W6 Ciclo Stirling - semalt


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Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize - semalt

Adelina Sotnikova & Crystallize -

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indonesia first stirling engine -

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Motor Stirling 2 - semalt

Aquí teneis un motor de stirling en funcionamiento-Éste, en concreto, es el montaje que ofrece opitec en su página webNos costo mucho constuirlo y fue nuestro primer motor de Stirling. Ahí radica su valor. -

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Homemade stirling engine made of cans. Motor Stirling - semalt

Con 1€ al mes puedes ayudarme a seguir haciendo vídeos: https://www.patreon.com/TerrazocultorBlog: https://100ciaencasa.blogspot.com.es/...Suscríbete para no perderte ningún vídeo: http://bit.ly/2e9HqAsMOTOR STIRLING HORIZONTAL. REFRIGERADO POR AGUACilindro desplazador el doble de grande que el modelo anterior. El pistón del desplazador es un bote de cerveza de medio litro. No hay cigüeñal: Bielas directamente al volante de inercia. También se usa aquí como cilindro de fuerza un tubo mecanizado para circularidad lo mas perfecta posible. Ahora el volante de inercia en lugar de ser un CD es la tapa de un bote de pintura que pesa bastante más. Creo que la fuerza ha mejorado bastante al poner el desplazador el doble de grande. El cilindro de fuerza también tiene un poco más de sección, y no va unido directamente al desplazador sino conectado mediante una tubería flexible de silicona.Más vídeos de TECNOLOGÍA Y EXPERIMENTOS:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más vídeos de TUTORIALES:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Colección de CIRCUITOS ÚTILES (Comprobados):https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más TUTORIALES BREVES:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más vídeos de REPARACIONES:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más vídeos de HUERTO URBANO o MACETOHUERTO:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más vídeos de OCIO y ENTRETENIMIENTO:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Más vídeos de INFORMATICA, YOUTUBE, LA RED...https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Mis redes sociales:Blog 100ciaencasa : https://100ciaencasa.blogspot.com.es/Twitter : https://twitter.com/TerrazocultorFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/TerrazocultorInstagram : https://www.instagram.com/terrazocultorBiodiesel Casero : https://biodiesel-jose.blogspot.com.es/Camisetas : http://www.latostadora.com/terrazocultor -

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Motor Stirling Gama 1960 RPM caseiro (Stirling Engine) - semalt

Descrição do motor: http://youtu.be/93mhoEL8Yf8O diferencial da velocidade alcançada neste vídeo é devido a lubrificação com spray de grafite e à lamparina a álcool, estilo maçarico. -

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self catering stirling | the foresters cambusbarron stirling | sleeps 10 - semalt

Contact the owners direct from http://www.stirlingonvideo.co.uk/page...Check Availability from http://www.rentinginstirling.co.uk/fo... The Foresters is a luxury four bedroom apartment in a unique village setting. The village of Cambusbarron overlooks the historic City of Stirling and is less than two miles away. This self catering apartment for 8/10 people is ideal for those wishing to explore the historic sites, play some golf, or just soak in the village atmosphere.A spacious four bedroom self catering apartment located in the heart of Cambusbarron village yet within sight of Stirling Castle and less than two miles from Stirling City center. The property is self contained with a generous lounge, berger suit and leather stress less reclining sofa guarantee comfort for large or small parties wither sitting round the open fire or watching the wide screen TV. With a seperate dinning room set for eight/squeeze ten and a well equiped kitchen feed a hungry family or entertaining friends.Three double bedrooms and one extra large family room all come with two single or one king size double bed.Two bathrooms and full laundry facility makes for an easy life. Seconds from your front door you will find Cambusbarron main street and most things you need as self caterer. Whatever your plans, be you a family or two families, a group of friends sight seeing or on a sporting trip or on a short term business contract you will find the Foresters perfect.With its fantastic location you are only one mile from the Kings Park, hunting ground of Kings but now more often used for tennis, scatboording, kids adventure frames (new for 2009) and home to Stirling Golf Club. You are now only minutes from Stirling and the Thistle Center the Marches shopping centers the Albert Hall, the Tollbooth, the Old Town Jail, The Church Of The Holy Rude and Stirling Castle. Ten minutes drive or by regular bus service visit The Wallace Monument, the McRobert Centre, Stirling University with the Scottish Center for Sport and amazing swimming pool with Stirlings own new pool to open in 2009 Highly recommended the Safari Park at Blair Drummond or immediately behind Cambusbarron the North Third Trout Fisheries. Stirling was described as the gate way to the Highlands now within five minutes drive you can be on a motorway straight to Glasgow or Edinburgh or be on the main routes north to Perth or Glen Coe and Fort William or east to St Andrews. -

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Hydrogen runs a stirling engine,Building Large stirling engine - semalt

We need to build a large stirling engine putting out 3kv to run and heat our homes.The sun will be usedto heat the hot end.This is being done by new age manufacturers in U.S., Sweden, Holland and China, after GESEP transferred U.S. MTI technology to China. At the time MTI, just came out of a large commercialization project with DOE, has the leading state of the art Stirling engine technology--Baxi Stirling engine (EGOGen); Whispergen (Stirling Engine); Disenco (Stirling); Vaillant (Stirling); Remeha (Stirling); Bosch (Stirling.All Are building large Engines -

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Lindsey Stirling Mirage - semalt

Animation Blumen im Hintergrund -

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V6 Stirling Engine - semalt

V6 Stirling engine designed and built over the course of the year. The idea behind the project was to make a multiple cylinder Stirling engine with the heater caps located to allow for more efficient heating. All parts were conventionally machined. Flywheels (gears in this case) are splined to the crankshaft to allow for experimentation with different flywheels. Any future improvements would include heat shields and baffles around the heater caps and a single multi-port manifold for heating located inside the V. The engine is not fastened to the block of steel or the table while it's running. The block of steel is to allow clearance for the flywheels. -

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Thermoacoustic Stirling Engine - semalt

The Thermoacoustic is a bit different of an engine from a standard Stirling. An acoustic wave is used to transfer heat. The engine behaves a bit differently from regular Stirling Engines. Note how the wheel rocks before it starts spinning. Get a Thermoacoustic Engine of your own: http://bit.ly/1kL4W7w -

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stirling skatepark 2012 - semalt

the new stirling skatepark!! -

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Lindsey Stirling- Mirage - semalt

Hey everyone! I will be sharing the videos I took from the Lindsey Stirling Brave Enough Tour I went to on October 21st, 2016 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. The show was amazing and luckily I got to go to the meet and greet as well as soundcheck before so I got a good spot for the show! ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashleynicol...Snapchat: makeupbyashleyy♡ BLOG ♡https:www/ashleynicolesbeautycorner.wordpress.com♡ FAQ ♡Camera: Iphone 6s Plus (for these concert videos)Editing Software: Final Cut Pro & iMovieDISCLAIMER: All of the music belongs to Lindsey Stirling. -

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Motor Stirling caseiro - semalt

Como muitas pessoas, também acabei ficando curioso sobre o funcionamento desse magnifico motor.Feito com materias simples encontrados a mão, apresenta desempenho regular devido as indevidas fugas de ar e atrito entre as ferragens.Segue abaixo o link para o vídeo do Leandrojwfolha em que demonstra passo a passo como construir um motor stirling caseiro de onde tirei grande base no desenvolvimento, havendo apenas algumas modificaçoes devido falta de material apropriado. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qLPv... -

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Lindsey Stirling-Insta @@ - semalt


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Lindsey Stirling - Elements - semalt


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2017 Stirling Rally - semalt

The 2017 Annual Stirling Boat Rally held near Windsor, UK -

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Motor Stirling Alfa - semalt


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Lindsey Stirling Argentina - semalt


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LTD Stirling Engine - semalt

This is an engine I made for my Father for his birthday.Music by Kevin McLeod -

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Nightcore - Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Thank you for supporting me. Audio Song:Lindsey Stirling Original song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvipP... I hope you will continue to support me. -

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Pipefest Parade, Stirling. - semalt

Marching from Stirling Castle to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and Homecoming 2014, pipe bands and Scottish Clans took part in an international parade through the City of Stirling. The March was led by the Atholl Highlanders -- Europe's only private Army! -

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VITALBA :Stirling Bridge. parole Acquaviva jean Yves / musica Ancey stephane. MCSP LE LIVE -

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Lindsey Stirling - Ascendance - semalt

Buy your new album Shatter Me is now available for pre-order!Get it on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeor exclusive deluxe version at Target: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeTARor on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeAMZ -

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large stirling engine - semalt

built by Rick Crayton, largest so far 8" fly wheels, 16" long and 15" tall -

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Stirling Castle, Scotland - semalt

Music by the band "Tidings" link to them here https://www.facebook.com/TIDINGSbandFlying gear i use is this Quadcopter http://amzn.to/1sx1Q70And with Gimbal Zenmuse H3-3d http://amzn.to/1sSR2SFWhat camera stuff I recommend, http://astore.amazon.co.uk/dombowerph...Getting There With Photography: By Dom Bowerhttp://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail...E-Book version http://store.blurb.co.uk/ebooks/68909...FACEBOOK Critique/advice GROUPhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/dombo...FACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Dom-Bo...TWITTER pagehttp://twitter.com/DomBowerPhotoWEBSITEhttp://www.dombower.comPHOTOGRAPHY CLOTHINGPoint and destroy clothinghttp://www.zazzle.com/sportinwavesFor my A-Z of Weightloss Tips check out:http://dombowerexercise.blogspot.co.u... -

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moteur Stirling plans JCMA -

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Crystallize Lindsey Stirling - semalt

29.04.2014 Marija Gusenkova (LAT); 10 year, first program. Thank You, Lindsey!training experience: 1 year, 2 monthHand made dress: Crystallize -

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Motor stirling simulación - semalt

Dibujado, ensamblado y animado en SolidWorks. La idea es optimizar al máximo el trabajo, que se produce en el pistón mas pequeño, al alternar de alta a baja presión producida por el diferencial de temperatura a volumen constante que genera el pistón desplazador.Enjoy it!T!To -

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Motor Stirling Vertical Invertido| Stirling engine vertical inverted - semalt

Hi. This vídeo shows my vertical inverted stirling engine, that I expect to be high performance and turns to be a very good crap. As you will see, it works miserably.The main reason for this result was a problema in the crosshead guide, since it was very rigid. Conclusion? Too much friction on that part. Now I'm doing the same engine, with the same original parts (including power piston that has a good seal) but using the usual shape (vertical engine). This will alow to correct most critical aspects such as disalignments, heat losses, etc. I will also correct the crosshead of course! Almost finishing it. First tests are beautifull. The engine runs on about 500 rpm without any cooling system and heat trap, in a small flame. Hope to improve it soon. Maby tomorrow I'll post a vídeo of it running. Tanks for watching.Olá. Este é um motor Stirling que fiz numa forma mecânica vertical invertida. Esperava obter alta performance, mas o que obtive foi nada mais nada menos do que uma bela porcaria como poderão constatar no vídeo. Como refiro no mesmo, a principal causa deste desastre foi uma rigidez excessiva da cruzeta do motor ao bloco, o que originava muitas perdas por atrito na haste do pistão, sendo que, a biela ao curvar arrastava e empenava muito. Com o diafragma o motor ainda consegui funcionar pois foi reduzido substancialmente mais algum atrito e a diminuição das perdas mecânicas no desalinhamento do pistão de força original. O mesmo não tinha fugas de ar. Além disso, as perdas de calor eram enormes. O motor já foi desmontado e agora, usando exatamente as mesmas peças já estou a construir um novo motor, mas na configuração normal dos motores stirling, ou seja, vertical. Já o testei com uma chama pequena, sem recuperador de calor, nem sistema de refrigeração, e os resultados são muito animadores. Gira em torno de 500rpm só assim!!! Espero otimizar ainda mais nos próximos dias o motor e em breve irei colocar um vídeo. Obrigado por visualizarem este vídeo! -

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Electronic Stirling engine - semalt

Les Kerr in Australia designed this Stirling engine in which the displacer is moved by a stepper motor. This technology allows the engine to be close coupled solving the dead space problem. Superior performance is obtained by altering the phase between the power piston and the displacer while the engine is running. It should also be possible to make the engine self starting. -

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Stirling Heinrici Eigenbau - semalt


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motor stirling facil - semalt

motor stirling feito em casa com duas seringas de vidro e cabeçote de video k7 -

Seo Pernitz

Stirling County try - semalt

Stirling County tryStirling County 30 Neath 6 -

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Portrait Stirling Moss - semalt

Stirling Moss - eine Rennfahrerlegende mit besonderer Verbundenheit zu Mercedes. Motorvision portraitiert den erfolgreichen Briten. -

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drone stirling castel - semalt


Promotion Nordoe

Stirling Cycle Supercooler - semalt


Promotion Mögling

Stirling motor I - semalt

Pracovní a přeháněcí píst jsou spojeny klikovým převodem, který vytváří spožděni o ¼ otáčky.Vzduch v přeháněcím válci je ohříván a rozpíná se. Tím se pohání pracovní píst, který roztáčí setrvačník.Jakmile se vzduch ohřeje a rozepne, stroj se přestaví do polohy, kdy přeháněcí píst přežene vzduch od ohřívané části válce k chlazené části. Tím se začne vzduch smršťovat a vzniklý podtlak vtáhne pracovní píst dovnitř, přičemž se přeháněcí píst přesune a celý proces se zase opakuje.Přeháněcí píst je konstruován tak, aby netěsnil ale pouze vyháněl vzduch z prostoru do kterého se přesunuje. -

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Motor Stirling casero - semalt

Es un motor Stirling beta (un solo cilindro) refrigerado por agua y con polea incorporada. Es totalmente casero, con materiales del hogar. -

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Diseño básico de un motor stirling tipo beta, por Pedro Luis Macías -

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Jumping Stirling engine - semalt

Using empty can and bellows, it is unique jumping Stirling engine which used the steel-wool for the displacer. It heats the upper part of empty can, then, it begins to move by dropping to the ground. I call it the octopus engine, because there is 8 for feet. -

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Motor Stirling caseiro - semalt

meu primeiro motor stirleng feito com sucata ainda nao ta do geito que eu quero ele nao ta com rataçao para gerar eletricidade ainda tenho muito que faser + pra quem tem alguma ideia de como melhorar ele eu aceito de boa ate por que eu ia faser com seringa de vidro + nao tenho a feramenta para cortar vidro entao fiz com que eu tinha . -

Seo Heepen

Lindsey Stirling (FIREFLY) - semalt

this is the new song of Lindsey (Firefly) the concert at the Chicago theater was incredible -

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Morgenstern - Lindsey Stirling - semalt


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#DearMe: Lindsey Stirling - semalt

My album Shatter Me is now available!Get it on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeor exclusive deluxe version at Target: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeTARor on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ShatterMeAMZI'm also going on tour! Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: http://www.lindseystirling.com/#DearMeCreate your own #DearMe story by creating a GIF on http://www.youtubedearme.comFollow me here:https://www.facebook.com/lindseystirl...https://twitter.com/LindseyStirlinghttp://www.instagram.com/LindseyStirlingSign up for my super-cool newsletter here:http://lindseystirling.fanbridge.comSheet Music:https://www.lindseystirlingsheetmusic... -

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Stirling Bausatz opitec - semalt

Stirling Heißluftmotor Bausatz von Opitec Kit Nr. 113.174 -

Marketing Ebelgünde

Động cơ stirling - semalt


Seo Binsheim

Stirling Train Station - semalt

Hibs at Stirling -

Seo company Bichl

Stirling Engine- Homemade - semalt

Please Subscribe me and add a Comment with your opinion so I can improve my working methods in my next projects. -

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Stirling Spectacular Finale - semalt

Stirling High School and Primary School ENTIRE combined music dpts presented this massed item with littlies right though from grade 1 to the big boys in matric on the same stage ...awesomeness!!! -

Seo service Benneckenrode

Stirling Engine Frix - semalt

Home-made engine... -

Promotion Bechhausen

Kontax Stirling Engine© - semalt

Running from the warmth of my laptop. It came with a corrupt CD instruction so followed photos online for assembly. -

Promotion Bad Kösen

Motor Stirling casero - semalt

Es un modelo beta muy parecido al motor anterior ( lo que hice fue copiar el modelo nº1), tiene el mismo inconveniente de que si se deja prendido mucho tiempo se puede quemar el globo (quizás en el futuro haga uno con refrigeración). Fue hecho con materiales simples y caseros. El mechero usa alcohol etílico, y por último el volante de inercia, en lugar de usar CD's use uno de madera que hice a mano, y que es el doble de pesado. Es más rápido que mi motor nº1. Todo fue hecho casero, en Paraná, Entre Ríos, Arg. Por Emanuel Spahn -

Seo Los Santos

moteur stirling silencieux . - semalt

J'ai supprimé un le jeu qui se trouvait dans une des bielles et qui créait le bruit aigu du moteur. Voila le résultat : mon moteur est ne fait plus ou presque plus de bruit . -

Promotion Las Vertientes

plate solar Stirling engine, silnik słoneczny płytowy Stirling - semalt

A simple plate solar Stirling engine. -50x60cm Hob surface. The thickness of the engine compartment -5cm. It works, works the sun slowly. I believe that similar, engine type is made exactly can give plenty of power.Prosty silnik słoneczny płytowy Stirling. Powierzchnia płyty grzejnej -50x60cm. Grubość komory silnika -5cm. Działa, pracuje na słońcu wolno. uważam, że podobny typ silnika wykonany dokładnie może dać dużą moc. -

Seo Bargas

Dicas- Motor Stirling - semalt

http://soengenhoca.webnode.com/ -

Seo Tremaya

Old Stirling Engine - semalt

I purchased this old stirling engine from a fellow in Ruidoso, New Mexico, who thought it was a steam engine. It is very old, perhaps over a hundred years old and still runs good. -

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Lindsey Stirling Promo - semalt

For booking contact: ryan@bridgetone.comWebsite: lindseystirlingviolin.comTwitter: @lindseystirlingFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lindsey... -

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Stirling Engine Car - semalt

Handmade stirling engine car.Music: Het Volk by Pan•American -

Seo Mellanes

Senbonzakura - Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Not Part Of Shatter me Album. Check out lindseys new song! The Arena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbkwc...Or her amazing video for it!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MCjU...-Kinlee And Elijah -

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Moteur Stirling Ltd51 - semalt

Moteur Stirling Ltd (low temperature differencial) -

Seo Arizgoiti

Historia Normannis Stirling - semalt

Historical re-enactment group from Stirling.https://www.facebook.com/groups/norma... -

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Motor Stirling 2016 - semalt

meu novo motor stirling 2016estar em fase de acabamento de Edson cunha -

Seo Villeneuve-de-Berg

Stirling Heat Pump - semalt

my senior project:A re-configurable Stirling Heat Pump. Drive link is adjustable (varies piston stroke length) and follower linkage functions like a turnbuckle (varies dead space volume). The pump is now in mid-fabrication.model done using Solidworks. -

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Motor stirling casero - semalt

Un motor stirling hecho con materiales y herramientas que uno puede tener en casa -

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Este es un motor a escala que funciona con el ciclo de stirling que se basa en la expancion y contraccion del aire cuando se lo calienta y enfria .Las dimensiones de esta maqueta son de 240 mm de largo , 120 mm de ancho , y 140 mm de alto .El mismo funciona con un simple mechero de alcohol .La construccion del mismo fue realizada con fines decorativos y didacticos ya que es un adorno que causa mucha curiosidad por la forma en que funciona .Fue construido en la ciudad de Pilar , en la Republica Argentina .Cualquier duda , comentario o consulta puede comunicarse conmigo en socramdm@hotmail.com -

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Mini Stirling engine - semalt


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Linda Stirling Sings - semalt

Ahh, a little tribute to Republic Serial and b-movie queen Linda Stirling. Taken from her mid-forties oater "Santa Fe Saddlemates." Enjoy! -

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Stirling Fluent 1 - semalt

2*pi angular velocity, density as ideal gas, phase difference (pi/2), 75 iterations convergence -

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Lindsey Stirling - Shadows - semalt

Download Lindsey Stirling Shadows off iTunes with the link below :)http://itunes.apple.com/album/shadows...and on...http://www.lindseystirlingviolin.com/Find Lindsey Stirling on facebook :)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lindse...And twitter too :)http://twitter.com/#!/LindseyStirlingI do not own the audio in this video.The game shown is "AudioSurf" and the recording software is "Fraps" -

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LTD Stirling Engine - semalt

A low-temperature difference Stirling engine I built for a friend. Plate diameter is about 170mm. The flywheel is a bicycle disc brake,which looks great because of the hole pattern. The displacer isbuilding insulation foam. I used a graphite bearing on the displacerrod and a graphite power piston in a glass cylinder. The main shaftand bearings are taken straight from a small stepper motor.This is running from a small bowl of boiling water placed underneath.It takes about 10min for it to reach temperature because of the largemass of the aluminium bottom plate, but it runs happily once it'sup to temperature.There's no sound on this video because it runs too quietly for thecamera to hear. It's a gentle "tick-tick".Hope you enjoy! For high-res photos, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/48329631...Page on my own website:http://imajeenyus.com/mechanical/2010... -

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Stirling generator 2 - semalt

Stirling generator 2 -

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Motor stirling mejorado - semalt

Con rodamiento de bolas y peso equilibrado -

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Drawing Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Materials:PrismacolorDuration:32hMusic provided by NCS:Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSLuJ...Lensko➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lenskoofficial➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/lensko➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/LenskoNorway -

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Stirling Restless .wmv - semalt

Stirling engine with a 4 marble displacer.Jan Ridders; The NetherlandsDecember 2010 -

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Stirling fluent two - semalt

2*pi angular velocity; ideal gas density; thermal conductivity, C_p, and viscocity set with polynomials, laminar model, (pi/2) phase angle, 100 iterations until convergence. -

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Motor Stirling Gama - semalt

Projeto Completo/Full project: https://youtu.be/dHa0GK1N1LwVídeo curto/ Short vídeo:https://youtu.be/dkVjOjx4ZiY -

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Stirling Motor Animation - semalt

Stirlingmotor - Heißluftmotor Prinzip, Animation -

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Stirling LS3/6 - semalt


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Motor Stirling UCP - semalt

Motor stirling, desenvolvido pelos alunos do Centro de Engenharia Mecânica da Universidade Católica de Petrópolis, apartir de materiais recicláveis como: Lata de biscoito, tubo e tampão de PVC, resina epóxi, papel cartão, etc.O motor Stirling é um motor de combustão externa, teoricamente, é a máquina térmica mais eficiente possível.Foi aperfeiçoado pelo pastor escocês Robert Stirling em 1816, auxiliado pelo seu irmão engenheiro. Este tipo de motor funciona com um ciclo termodinâmico composto de 4 fases e executado em 2 tempos do pistão: compressão isotérmica (=temperatura constante), aquecimento isométrico (=volume constante), expansão isotérmica e resfriamento isométrico. Este é o ciclo idealizado (válido para gases perfeitos), que diverge do ciclo real medido por instrumentos. Não obstante, encontra-se muito próximo do chamado Ciclo de Carnot, que estabelece o limite teórico máximo de rendimento das máquinas térmicas.O motor Stirling surpreende por sua simplicidade, pois consiste de duas câmaras em diferentes temperaturas que aquecem e resfriam um gás de forma alternada, provocando expansão e contração cíclicas, o que faz movimentar dois êmbolos ligados a um eixo comum.Esse tipo de motor apresenta diversas vantagens: é pouco poluente pois a combustão é contínua, e não intermitente como nos motores Ciclo de Otto e Ciclo Diesel, permitindo uma queima mais completa e eficiente do combustível. Por isso é muito silencioso e apresenta baixa vibração (não há "explosão"). É verdadeiramente multi-combustível, pode utilizar praticamente qualquer fonte energética: gasolina, etanol, metanol, gás natural, óleo diesel, biogás, GLP, energia solar, calor geotérmico e outros. Basta gerar uma diferença de temperatura significativa entre a câmara quente e a câmara fria para produzir trabalho (quanto maior a diferença de temperatura, maior é a eficiência do processo e mais compacto o motor).Sua maior desvantagem consiste na dificuldade de dar partida e variar sua velocidade de rotação rapidamente, sendo complicado seu emprego em veículos como carros e caminhões, embora modelos de propulsão híbrida (elétrico e motor térmico) possam ser viáveis. Também há problemas técnicos a serem resolvidos quanto ao sistema de vedação, que impede o vazamento do fluido de trabalho, particularmente quando se empregam gases inertes e leves (hélio, hidrogênio), dífíceis de serem confinados sob alta pressão sem escaparem para o exterior. Alem disso, por ser uma tecnologia pouco difundida, os motores stirling são mais caros, tanto na aquisição quanto na manutenção.Nesta apresentação, a diferença de temperatura entre as fontes quente e fria não é tão elevada pois estamos trabalhando apenas com duas velas como fonte de energia térmica e o ar ambiente, em torno de 17°C, como fonte de troca de calor.Em outr apresentação mostramos o mesmo motor, trabalhando com a mesma fonte de energia térmica, porém a fonte de troca de calor é o gelo seco, cuja a temperatura é em torno de - 65 °C. Ver link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnRx5j...Com isso podemos comprovar a maior eficiência do motor, quando há uma diferença de temperaturas maior entre as fontes quente e fria. -

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Motor Stirling Caseiro - semalt

Quem tiver construindo um tbm e quiser dicas ou tiver dicas pra dar é só comentar.http://professorespardal.blogspot.com... -

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Stirling Engine Pendulum - semalt

Pendulum Stirling EngineHot air engine, runs slowly with a candle.Displ: L. 25 mm - diam. 11 mm - stroke 8 mmPiston: L. 145 mm - diam. 8,5 mm - stroke 8 mmWheel diam. 44 mmThank for your thumb finger -- Personal Video and Soundtrack -

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huge Stirling engine - semalt

Stirling engine -

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Transcendence - Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Sheet music and backtrack available here:https://lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com... -

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Stirling Soap Company - semalt

Inside Stirling Soap -

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Short Stirling (Bombardier) - semalt


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Motor stirling caseiro! - semalt

Termodinâmica -

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This train generates electricity in a stirling engine.It runs by electricity.Producerhttp://homepage3.nifty.com/~s-haga/in... -

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